New venture creation

Welcome to the New Venture Creation semester

New Venture Creation is an international cross-disciplinary semester with focus on business creation and business management. It is a real-life experience in entrepreneurship. And it is an opportunity for students from all disciplines and from all over the world to learn how to start your own company, design sustainable business models, and importantly – interact with a lot of interesting business people (Danish and international practitioners) through professional discussions.


Open to all

No matter whether you already have company, have a business idea or even if you don't have one just yet, you are still qualified to be enrolled!

The New Venture Creation semester is open to all master students irrespectively of academic backgrounds, experiences and cultures. All you need is the desire and eagerness to take on, cultivate, and apply entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and abilities to the process of creating your own new venture as well as learn what it takes to succeed in such endeavor. And don't worry if you haven't got a business idea before the semester starts!


Who may apply?

All master students can be enrolled and we recommend you to apply as soon as possible due to formalia connected to the enrollment process.

For most students this semester will be a 9th semester course as an alternative to an internship or other classes, however, it can be taken as any semester on your master program.

We accept student in the following categories:

  • Students already enrolled at Aalborg University
  • International students not enrolled at Aalborg University
  • Danish students not enrolled at Aalborg University


Course Curriculum

Find the couse curriculum valid until 2015 here (page 18-20)



Course credits





One semester

Course period


Course coordinators

Morten Lund & Kristian Brøndum

Field of study

Business and Entrepreneurship