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Kenny Lund Lafon

Master Programme: Control and Automation

Parkalot is a concept of wireless sensors that detects parking spots when cars are parked. Accordingly, drivers would know where to park via mobile app and/or outdoor screens.

Seizing the opportunity to: Find an available parking spot in inner cities.

”I did not have a startup idea when the semester started. However, during the first weeks of boot camp, two classmates and I teamed up to work with an idea of making AirBnB for private parking in Aalborg. NVC was used as a concrete step by step method on how to verify and build a business from the initial idea that ended with Parkalot”.

A few months after the NVC program ended, the company Parkalot Denmark ApS was created. After the first customer in Denmark was secured, the Intelligent Traffic Reduction System was installed and funded. Today, Parkalot is a fulltime engagement with new exciting parking solutions in Denmark and other European countries are in the pipeline. 


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